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Relief Society


A Message to the Sisters of Relief Society

“I testify that Jesus Christ is relief. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we may be relieved of the burden and consequences of sin and be succored in our infirmities. And because we love God and have covenanted to serve Him, we can partner with the Savior to help provide temporal and spiritual relief for those in need—and in the process find our own relief in Jesus Christ.” 

—President Camille N. Johnson, “Jesus Christ Is Relief,” General Conference, Apr. 2023

Upcoming Events 


4 | Stake Baptisms: 3:00 pm at the Stake Center.

10 | Festival: A Youth Concert: is a worldwide celebration for youth to strengthen their discipleship of Jesus Christ through music. 

24 | Priesthood Leadership Conference (PLC) and Church Leader Conference (CLC) 

25 | Special Stake Conference: 10:00 am at the Stake Center. One of the general authorities who will be attending Saturday’s PLC and CLC will be presiding at the stake conference. For those who are unable to attend the conference in person, a link for viewing will be available.  


8 | Stake Baptisms: 3:00 pm at the Stake Center.

8 | Stake Fireside: Finding Christ in the Temple, with President Nate Adams. 7:00 pm at the Stake Center. 

14 | Friend to Friend: Sharing the Love of Jesus With Others - with special guest President Jeffrey R. Holland.  

29 | Stake Baptisms: 3:00 pm at the Stake Center.


5-6 | General Conference: Learn more at

27​ | Worldwide Event for Youth: Details to come.


3 | Stake Baptisms: 3:00 pm at the Stake Center.

3 | Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults: Details to come.


9 | Luz de Las NacionesDetails to come.

16 | Church Music Festival from Temple SquareDetails to come.


8 | Stake Baptisms: 3:00 pm at the Stake Center.


Weekly + Monthly Ongoing Activities

YSA Sunday School Class: Taught by Daren Watts the 1st and 3rd Sundays 11:00 am – 12:00 pm in the Milo Way Building.

“As sisters in Zion, we’ll all work together;

The blessings of God on our labors we’ll seek.

We’ll build up his kingdom with earnest endeavor;

We’ll comfort the weary and strengthen the weak.

The errand of angels is given to women;

And this is a gift that, as sisters, we claim:

To do whatsoever is gentle and human,

To cheer and to bless in humanity’s name.”

Hello Sisters-


Our Stake has the opportunity to serve as the ‘Agent Stake’ for the Deseret Industries on 4500 South. This means we regularly meet with the incredible employees who work there and discuss the many programs and efforts they are involved with, in addition to collecting all our unwanted donations. As we have met over the past few months, my presidency and I have been moved by the stories of the many female refugee employees. Most of these women are not native English speakers and part of their job is to learn this basic skill as they try to provide for their families. The majority are also not members of our Church and therefore do not have access to the Bishop’s storehouse or other “member benefits” for basic food needs. 

We are trying a pilot program to see if our Stake can provide weekly food bags for 20 families. These food items would need to be dropped off on Mondays between 12:00-2:00 pm at the Deseret Industries on 11 East 4500 South. The drop off is at the door east of the main store entrance (not the drive-through). Emma Pister is the Deseret Industries Clinical Social Worker who we have been working with to create this list. She is amazing and will be collecting the donations every week. 

If you have the time and means to help these families, please sign up through this Sign-Up Genius. If possible, please deliver the food items in re-usable bags (not required). 

There are 6 options for donations:

1.  Food Bag (11 items): Contains 1 lb red lentils, 5 lbs long grain white rice,

4 lbs sugar, 5 lbs flour, 2 cans corn, 2 bottles vegetable oil, 3 cans tomato sauce,

1 package spaghetti, 5 cans of chickpeas or bag of dried chickpeas, canned tuna

and one loaf of bread. (As shown on this page.)

2.  A bag of onions.

3.  A bag of Fresh Fruit (apples, bananas, or oranges).

4.  A bag of Fresh Vegetables (any kind).

5.  3 boxes of cold cereal (any kind).

6.  Tide Pods for laundry. (Please keep in bag so they know what they are for.)

The Sign-Up Genius will continue to be on the Stake Website and through the
individual ward newsletters in the coming weeks. It has a link to pictures of the
donation food list. 


If you are interested in other ways to volunteer at the DI or have questions,
please contact me or my Presidency. We continue to be amazed at the physical,
emotional, and spiritual support you extend to so many in need. 


Much Love,

Kristin Christensen

Jane Clayton

Melissa Cutler

Lisa Richards

RS list 2.0.png

Jesus Christ is the source of relief for all of us, and as we make covenants with our Heavenly Father, through our Savior, Jesus Christ, we are entitled to priesthood power, all of us, men and women.

—President Camille N. Johnson

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